Holistic Biographical Accounting


If you would like a comprehensive, thorough, and completely honest accounting of the life of a departed loved one, I can be a Speaker for the Dead. This service takes time and will be costly. I will conduct research and interviews with friends, family, co-workers, current and former employers, neighbours, and business associates of the deceased, and gather all data and information to which I am permitted access. I will accrue all details, gather all available facts, and dig deep for all nuanced qualities to established as-complete-a-profile as possible. I will present my findings either as a written report, or during a wake/ceremony of remembrance. Given the depth of this service, the timeline can be anywhere from days to months, so this is not a practical option for traditional Celebration of Life ceremonies. Rates for this service vary based on complexity, and can be discussed. This is not a eulogy-writing service, but, rather; a full, thorough and honest investigation into the life of a departed loved one. Please contact me to discuss.